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What’s a Personalised LEGO Minifigure?

Personalised Lego Minifigure (1) One of the most exciting thing about any child’s playtime is the story that they can tell with their toys. The adventure of a dragon saving a chicken or a car jumping the biggest building in the world. Pretending you’re IN the story is even more exciting. And no matter how old you are, LEGO® is the toy that everyone remembers, cherishes and loves. So putting yourself in the story is an added bonus – and now you can with our personalised Minifigures made from LEGO® parts.

But what are Personalised LEGO® Minifigures? Well, over the many years of making mini figures, LEGO® have produced a massive catalogue of printed faces, torsos along with masses of hair pieces, legs and accessories to compliment them. At Build Me Mini, we use our extensive catalogue and knowledge of the LEGO® figure universe to pull together the perfect match for a personalised minifigure made from LEGO® parts.

The journey starts when you place an order, submitting the basic information about yourself or the person you’d like us to assemble. Then, we can get to work on assembling your minifigure using one of two personalised methods.

The first is using existing LEGO® parts. Unlike some websites, we don’t just offer the cheapest and easiest parts available, we go the extra mile to ensure your figure is matched up to the closest LEGO® element available.

The other method for assembling a Personalised Minifigure is our custom print. Here we actually print a specific outfit onto official LEGO® parts to create a unique version of you!!

Once completed, we email you out a photo of your personalised minifigure for your approval. If you’re happy – we’ll send your minifigure out to you. Simple as that. So why not give it a try. Let us make a LEGO® version of you.

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