LEGO Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle Set 41062

Here at Build Me Mini, we are massive fans of the LEGO Minifigures themselves. That’s what we tend to look for most when the new sets are revealed. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy the thrill of the set build – but generally we LEGO Minifigure-hunt! That’s what made this such an unusual set for us to get excited about. But we’re glad we did. And here’s why.

2015-03-01-14.22.53When we purchase any LEGO set, after the build (and sometimes before) – the dilemma lingers. Do we gut the figures and sell on the rest of the set online – or is the set worth keeping too? As a Disney Princess (Friends) set, this one didn’t stand much of a chance – or so we thought – after we’d removed the figures. But as a massive surprise – we actually decided to keep the set too.

Usually the Friends Minifigures are of a different variety of minifigures anyway. They look different and they don’t tend to fit the usual LEGO Minifigure scenarios. But when LEGO announced they were released a LEGO Frozen set – we had to make an exception. Yes, we’re Disney fans. And yes, we unashamedly appreciate Frozen. So the thought of some Disney figures got us pre-ordering and getting in the virtual Queue for LEGO catch up with the orders. We didn’t even think much about the set itself. Perhaps thats why we were so pleasantly surprised.

2015-03-01-13.07.02When the set arrived we were charmed by the various tweaks LEGO have made the to the classic packaging and booklets to fit in with the girls who would likely purchase this set. A lot more decorative and a lot classier. Hats off. I can see girls really liking the Disney Princess theme a lot. Throughout the build, which was relatively fun but quite basic – I think the most obvious incentive to keep the elements became obvious when we saw the volume of ice elements. Suddenly, we flashed back to our Winter village scene that gets built each year. Sure – an Ice Castle doesn’t particularly fit the general ambiance of a English village in winter – but the ice bricks are fantastic elements to add into the scenery. Some of the bigger ice bricks are glittery, which I was skeptical of, but now looking at the castle – I think the elements (sparkles included!) will make excellent additions as parts for our winter village.

The LEGO Disney Frozen castle itself was fun to build and had some really nice elements to it. Annoyingly it uses stickers (BOO! We like pre-printed bricks!), but other than that – there were some really nice parts that concluded with a really nice looking castle. I can see it appealing to kids for sure. Not to mention the snowman Olaf minifigure, even if you don’t like the Friends-Style Elsa and Anna minifigures.

So all-in-all this is a great set, playability, brick stock and minifigures. The only downside is that getting hold of one of these sets has been rather tricky over the last months, perhaps once again reflecting its popularity with kids and adults alike. Well done LEGO. Well done Disney.

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