LEGO Painting Easter Eggs Set 40121

Another really exciting development this year for LEGO have been the seasonal mini-sets. Showcased initially in the Valentines’ Day set earlier this year – the follow up was just as pleasant. The miniature scene don’t promise anything fancy or unique but the small set is extremely detailed and has the enjoyment factor of one of the £100+ modulars. The second (and hopefully not last!) miniature scene is the LEGO Painting Easter Eggs Set 41021.

Lego Painting Easter Eggs Set 40121 Just FinishedIt’s not surprising that this is another set that has already sold out at most online retailers and a challenge to get hold of in LEGO stores. At less than £10, this LEGO Easter set really does offer good value for money. That said, the fact that it’s so hard to get will probably drive the cost up at other retailers online. The ‘mum’ LEGO minifigure has some excellent reversible expressions which I don’t recall seeing before (although I’m sure it’s not unique to this set) while the child face seems a bit of a freaky choice. None of the classic freckles – instead on one side an alomst-monobrow! When you see the reverse side, it does become an understandable choice – to recreate the expression of child dropping an egg in the kitchen. Something we’ve all done. Some more recently than others (oops!). The LEGO dropped egg, by the way, is brilliant. We really liked the simplicity of it, yet obvious exactly what it is. Genius.

Other highlights are unquestionably the coffee machine, oven cookie tray, Hen nest and tiled floor. I certainly would have preferred this over an Easter Egg as a child. It’s just a great little set. The only question now remains… what (if any) will be the next LEGO seasonal mini-set?!

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