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Thanks to Quoakle SEO

A small start-up business, like ours, relies a lot on initial profitless labor for the owner along with generous favours from friends and business acquaintances. We were very blessed to have the help of Quoakle Web Media, ensuring we reached the level we needed in Google. SEO genius’s Quoakle increased our ranks significantly on the Internet search engines out there. As a little token, we created a LEGO version of the Quoakle Manager, Nigel (Minifigure version pictured!). Thanks Nigel!

A little about Quoakle after this quick sponsored bit…

Quoakle started off when Nigel, a Head Teacher, was inspired with an idea in 2006 for a graphical directory. He began working with local businesses and quickly found that his Graphical Web Directory was the perfect tool to help these business rank higher within Google’s search results. Soon after realising the success of the Graphical Directory, Quoakle expanded to offer websites to compliment its Search Engine Optimisation Services. The business has developed steadily over the years. Business particularly took off since he teamed up with Stephen from Heartco. They have worked together on many online projects and websites stretching from the educational sector right the way through to home improvements and garden services.

More recently, Quoakle has focused primarily on producing smaller directories for specific interests – most notably Great Days Out in the UK and a series of Restaurant Directory websites including Restaurants in Cheltenham and Restaurants in Hereford.

Thanks Quoakle for all your help – and if anyone reading this needs SEO advice – these guys are the ones to call!


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