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lego christmas tree

Christmas Trees. The ultimate main-feature when it comes to Christmas decorations. The only thing that could make it better? Adding LEGO, of course. And personalised LEGO at that!

So why not add a bauble or two when you’re creating your personalised LEGO Minifigure? Display them on high, dangling from your Christmas Tree!

Our Personalised Minifigures made from LEGO parts fit neatly inside the bauble, just as any LEGO minifigure would. You can even choose from a selection of base colours for your LEGO minifigure to stand on!

Competitively priced and easy to assemble, these LEGO Christmas Decorations make the perfect addition to any Christmas tree. So turn your Christmas Tree into a LEGO Christmas tree this festive season.

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Minifigure Christmas Decorations

  • Each perspex Bauble can fit one minifigure
  • Bauble measures a diameter of 6cm apx (plus hook)
  • Includes red ribbon…
  • and a choice from 9 different colour internal bases.