Lego Research Lab

It’s always a great excitement when LEGO produce a new Ideas set. Since coming out of the Beta phase of the programme earlier this year, there has been a steadier increase in the number of sets coming from this range.

For those of you who don’t know, the Ideas range is made up of sets that have been voted by fans to become actual sets.

I’ve always enjoyed a good LEGO build, but as a Minifigure collector, the scale to classic Minifigure is just as important. Which is why this set is quite cool.

The set includes three female Minifigures, each designed for their own research department. As far as I can tell – few, if any, Minifigure elements are exclusive to the set – however, the scenarios and scenes make up for it.

Let’s start with the Chemistry lab. I love the multiple bottles, vices and drawers. It reflects the lab from the Arkham Asylum from 2013.

Next up, the astrology lab. A lovely telescope, which will no doubt play a key role in my future photo scenes. The coolest element to this scene is the star map white board. It’s firstly great that it’s not a sticker (yuck!) but an actual printed brick. The tiled floor was really fun and satisfying to build too.

Finally, the best bit (for me) is the dinosaur skeleton scene. The miniature microscope stand is brilliant, but is over-shadowed by the fantastic dinosaur that we get to build. As a massive Dinosaur and LEGO fan, this really appealed to me – as you can probably tell!

All in all this is a great set. It’s quite simple and not vastly time consuming but that’s probably because the set is in the £15 price-range. It’s not Ghostbusters car, but it is a welcome edition to the Ideas range for sure. Great for a rainy Saturday afternoon!

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