LEGO Minifigure

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy

As a massive fan of The Guardians of the Galaxy, naturally I was incredibly excited when LEGO announced that they would be including three sets in their mid-2014 Marvel range.

As per usual, my interests were primarily for the Minifigures. LEGO desperate out the Guardians across three sets, which retail between £20 and £70 (total cost for all three, £140!).

My approach to this was to buy the sets and sell them on eBay without the figs. This enabled me to get them all without busting the back balance (too much). But after seeing the scale of the biggest set (The Milano Spaceship), I ended up keeping and building it.

Let’s talk figs. The £20 set includes Peter Quill with optional Star-Lord helmet in casual clothes (note this is different to the Star-Lord in the Milano set), a Nova Officer (unique to this set) and a Sakaaran. This set, I sold on, so I can’t rate the build. The figs, however, are great. It being the first one I purchased, I was very impressed with Star-Lords feet blasters (very similar to Iron Man’s, but in yellow).

Second up was the £50 set which was the Knowhere Escape set. It included Rocket Racoon, Nebula, a Sakaaran (same as previous set) and Groot. Firstly, Rocket is brilliant – complete with tail and über rocket. Nebula is really good too. Groot is good. I’m personally not such a fan of Minifigures that require building out of regular bricks, and this was one of those. However – it does reflect the scale of the characters well – so I’ll let them off.

Finally, the £70 Milano Spaceship: complete with alternative Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Ronan and another Sakaaran (same as the last two sets). Firstly Star-Lord. His torso matches the red uniform that the other Gaurdians are wearing. Sidenote: this does make me wonder if they’ll do another Rocket with red uniform. Gamora and Drax look great and complete with swords or daggers. Ronan is also a great fig, with his headrest, cape and hammer. The set itself is also fun to build and keep – if not least for the little tape cassette brick that I have lifted and put in Quill’s hand for my collection. I think it suits him better than the guns did anyway.

All in all – an expensive, but achievable collection. I anticipate LEGO will do a few more in this line before long. But at least it is possible to get an entire Guardians set out of the current line.