Comic Relief 2015, Red Nose Day

200px-Comic_ReliefEvery other year, here in the UK, we celebrate Red Nose Day or Comic Relief. It’s a great time to celebrate comedy whilst raising money for people who need it most in the world. Click on the Comic Relief logo to learn more about this fantastic charity that helps so many people across the globe.

Our keen business owner made a short LEGO stop-motion youtube clip in 2013 to celebrate and help promote Red Nose Day 2013. While we would have loved to carry on the stop-motion tradition, sadly time didn’t permit. That said, we have created a few fun LEGO photos from the various Red Noses that were available for Red Nose Day 2015. Remember, this is a fantastic charity, doing some incredible work, so if you enjoy these or the 2013 video below, please please donate. Even a couple of £’s. Donate online here. Happy Red Nose Day!

Comic Relief is a major charity based in the UK, with a vision of a just world, free from poverty. They work tirelessly all year round to help make this vision a reality. And in the years since it started out in 1985, with the support of some remarkable people, Comic Relief have achieved amazing things, raising over £950 million. You can be a part of this fantastic charity by donating just a small amount here.

Red Nose Day 2013 LEGO Stop Motion video: