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Lego Minifigures Series 12

It’s finally that time of year when the occasional availability for the new Lego Minifigure series to pop up. We happened to be in a store the other day that were putting them out for the first time. Busy with other things, we couldn’t purchase too many – but we did get a few for our very own collection. We hope to be selling them on the site very shortly too.

This Lego Minifigure Series 12 is very exciting and has some brilliant elements in it. From the Piq suit, right the way through to the gamer with the mini-brick controller – absolutely classic. This series also introduces a new online gaming feature that promises to be brilliant. Unfortunately, the game has to be downloaded and run on a Windows machine (none of our office computers are!) so this is something we may have to wait for, sadly.

In the meantime, we are drooling over some of the exciting new accessories and expressions in the this series’ mini figures. Not least the new pizza plate and box, guitar and jester colours. What is interesting is how this series’ colour (packet-wise) appears to loop back to the initial series 1 packet colour of yellow. It was safe to say that they were running out of colours to use, but I do feel a little bit disappointed that they weren’t a little more creative in this area. That said, the packets get thrown away anyway – we all know it’s about the Lego Minifigures themselves that count…

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