Geopolitical Situation with Ukraine

The current geopolitical situation in Ukraine has a direct and indirect impact on UK business relations with Russian and Belarusian business partners. Due to the current situation, we will no longer sell, trade or refund any orders placed in Russia or Belarus until such time as the situation has been resolved.
We don’t think that our tiny sanction will make much of a difference, but we do feel both the moral obligation and responsibility to publish these intentions publicly. Regardless of our decision, it is our understanding that our payment gateways have similar sanctions in place, which will prevent sales in these countries. But regardless, any orders placed from Russia or Belarus will not be processed or refunded.
Build Me Mini disapproves of any kind of hate and violence, as well as anything that radically contradicts our values. Therefore, for the sake of all the civilians involved, we hope and pray for an early and permanent resolution of this conflict.